Lucia LoTempio
Lucia LoTempio


Passages North 

"When a Girl" 
excerpts from Hot with the Bad Things (Alice James Books 2020)

Academy of American Poets: Poem-a-Day 

"Mirror Theory"


“[I remember the girl]”

Sixth Finch 

"Sad Beast"

Quarterly West 

“Facsimile of a Bedroom in the Wheatfield”

Washington Square Review // issue 38 


The Journal // issue 40.6 

"The House" 
“Menstruate, Want for Theo”







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Oversound // issue 5 

"Fire Without Ghost Dream"

Gandy Dancer: Post Script Feature 

"Hometown, Unraveling" 
"Silverfish in the Shower" 
"“The green all green things aspire to be”"

Berkeley Poetry Review // issue 26 

"[Mary Queen of Sunshine"

Columbia Poetry Review // issue 29 

"Pretend Therapy"

Bayou Magazine // issue 63 

“Self-Portrait as Ange de L’assassinat Masturbating on the Metro”

Reunion: The Dallas Review // issue 5 

"Parts of Her Day My Mother Forgets”

Cactus Heart // issue 12 

"On Tying Her Hair Before Battle" 
[a collaboration with Amy Elizabeth Bishop]

Gandy Dancer // issue 2.1 

“The Heart as an Autoclave”
“Rolodexed Apologies for My Ex-Girlfriends”

Originally published by Washington Square Review, my poem "Sirens" was visualized by filmmaker Neo Sora through the Visible Poetry Project in 2017.

Spoon River Poetry Review 

"Hello, Can You Hear Me" 
"Vocation, Girl"

Weave Magazine 

“Losing the Security Deposit on Our Swimming Pool Domicil

92Y Discovery Contest


University of Pittsburgh: Graduate Award in Nonfiction

first place

Winter Tangerine Awards, 1st Annual Contest in Poetry 


Black Warrior Review, 10th Annual Contest in Poetry 


Mary A. Thomas Award in Poetry

First Place

Phi Beta Kappa


Sigma Tau Delta: International English Honors Society


Lawrence P. Castellani Fine Arts Award & Fellowship